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Team Pink vs Team Blue Gender Reveal Challenge

Which Gender Reveal Team Are You Rooting For?

Show Your Spirit Gender Reveal Style

Just like any sports team there are two opponents, and one is always favored to win over the other. Which Gender Reveal team are you choosing for the victory? Root for your favorite team by wearing Pink or Blue colors at your Gender Reveal party and it will definitely get the competition going.
Blue, Pink, and White Shirts with guessed gender on them for a gender reveal party

Gender Reveal Games

Keep the competition going by incorporating games into the Team Pink vs Team Blue Gender Reveal theme.

HE or SHE? Pop To See

 Black balloons are placed on a board with the title “He or She, Pop To See!”. With this Gender Reveal game guests can pop the balloons to reveal the color inside. You can recreate this with balloons filled with paint, powder or confetti.

Gender reveal game using balloons titled "he or she, pop and see".

Gender Reveal Beer Pong Toss

A Gender Reveal Beer Pong ball toss will bring out the competitiveness in your guests. Layout equal numbers of pink and blue plastic cups, and have each team toss their balls into their assigned colored cups. OR, hand each team equal amounts of dyed ping pong balls – pink for girls, blue for boys. The team with the most balls in the cups, wins!
Pink solo cups with a ping pong ball falling into one.

The Gender Reveal Victory

At the end of any competition there is always a fun, unique way to celebrate. In this case, it’s the reveal of the gender. Our Gender Reveal Sports Balls will add that POP and wow factor to your victory! Our Sports Balls come with a pink or blue removable sticker on them. Hit a home-run with our Gender Reveal Baseball or kick our Gender Reveal Soccer ball for a GOOOOOAAAAALLLLLL! Whichever Gender Reveal Sports Ball you use it will be the highlight of the party and make your Gender Reveal a competition your guests will never forget.

Individual hitting a blue smoke filled baseball.
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