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Yellow Confetti Cannon

Product image 118 Yellow Confetti Cannon
Product image 218 Yellow Confetti Cannon

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Yellow Confetti Cannon

  •  Shoots 20 feet high
  •  Biodegradable yellow confetti
  •  18-inches in length

Our compressed-air yellow confetti cannons are a great item to add to any celebration. These confetti cannons are 18 inches long and 2 inches in diameter. The tissue paper is yellow paper confetti that is biodegradable!

Our cannons are easy-to-use making your event exciting and hassle-free. To use our confetti cannon, simply hold with both hands and twist the bottom of the tube lightly underneath the arrowed line and "boom," the yellow confetti will shoot up to 20-feet into the air. These will for sure add some excitement to the celebration or party that you are having.
These confetti cannons can be used indoors or outdoors. They use compressed air to shoot the confetti up into the air, so they do not cause any smoke or hot items that you have to deal with after they are used. Since our confetti is biodegradable, it also makes for easy cleanup afterwards! Add these to your cart now for your next celebration!
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