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Gender Reveal Burnout Kit

Product image 1Gender Reveal Burnout Kit
Product image 2Gender Reveal Burnout Kit
Product image 3Gender Reveal Burnout Kit
Product image 4Gender Reveal Burnout Kit
Product image 5Gender Reveal Burnout Kit
Product image 6Gender Reveal Burnout Kit
Product image 7Gender Reveal Burnout Kit
Product image 8Gender Reveal Burnout Kit

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For all of those car racing enthusiasts out there, this is the Gender Reveal Surprise you've been waiting for you. For a stunning gender reveal party get all of your friends and family together, surprise them with a Pink or Blue Cloud of Smoke!!                                                
Our Gender Reveal Powder is non-toxic and will do zero harm to your beloved car, it simply washes away with water. The Reveal Burnout Bag kit comes with one black 2 lb bag of powder. Each bag has a peel-away double-sided tape that will stick to your tire. If you want to get the maximum burnout effect we suggest that you buy one kit for each of your back tires. That will give you 2 lb of powder for each tire, it will create a huge smoke effect that none of your guests can miss!

These bags of powder are also perfect for an Exhaust Smoke Kit, use a funnel and add some powder to your exhaust for the smoke effect. Get your cameras out not to miss the unbelievable pink or blue Gender Reveal smoke effect, when you rev your engine. Check out our gender reveal confetti cannons to add some extra effects to the air.
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