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Blue Gender Reveal Extinguisher

Product image 1Blue Gender Reveal Extinguisher
Product image 2Blue Gender Reveal Extinguisher
Product image 3Blue Gender Reveal Extinguisher
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Product image 5Blue Gender Reveal Extinguisher

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Celebrate a big moment in life with an exciting gender reveal using I Love Sparklers' new Color Powder Fire Extinguishers!

Color Blaster Fire Extinguishers are more exciting than traditional Color Powder Cannons. They release a 12-second cloud of color, making them perfect for outdoor events and great for taking memorable photos.

The Blue Color Powder Fire Extinguisher contains corn starch dyed naturally. It is 12 inches tall and 3.5 inches in diameter. This makes it a unique way to reveal the gender of a baby boy to your family and friends.

How Do Gender Reveal Fire Extinguisher Color Blasters Work?

Gender Reveal Color Blasters contain non-toxic colored powder. To activate the device, first remove the safety rings. Then, pull the trigger to release high-pressure streams of blue powder. This will announce, "It's a boy." Simple to use, it's advisable to order two for each parent to extend the excitement or distribute them to guests for shared enjoyment.

Where is it Appropriate to Utilize a Blue Gender Reveal Color Blaster?

The Blue Gender Reveal Color Blasters are perfect for outdoor settings like parks, backyards, or event venues. Be sure to factor in wind direction for the most effective reveal. Additionally, venue owners or authorities may require permission if you hold your party in a public space.

What Are the Benefits of Gender Reveal Powder Cannons?

Powder Blasters present distinct advantages over other Gender Reveal Items:

  • Unlike Gender Reveal Powder Cannons, designed for smaller gatherings, providing a brief burst of excitement with a champagne-like "pop" and a shower of color, the Powder Blaster offers a longer-lasting spectacle with a single pull of the trigger. Powder Blasters creates a colorful cloud for 12 seconds, adding excitement to the gender reveal party and captivating the guests.
  • Blue Color Powder Blasters also offer a safer alternative to blue smoke bombs, popular among gender reveal celebrations. Smoke bombs emit thick clouds of colored smoke and pose risks of respiratory irritation and environmental damage.
  • However, Color Powder Extinguishers release non-toxic, biodegradable powder. It eliminates the risk of smoke inhalation for partygoers and minimizes environmental impact, as it can be easily swept or washed away without leaving lingering residue. Color Powder Blasters are safe to use. They do not produce fire or heat. This ensures the well-being of everyone at the celebration.

Color powder blasters are easy to use and have a cool display. They are a fun way to reveal the baby's gender.

Can I Use Blue Gender Reveal Color Powder Extinguishers Safely?

While Gender Reveal Color Powder Extinguishers are engineered for safe and straightforward use, we recommend the following safety guidelines:

  • Familiarize yourself: Read the provided operation/safety instructions before use.
  • Safety first: Always aim the blaster away from yourself and your guests.
  • Be mindful of wind direction: When using the blaster outdoors, you'll want to avoid dispersing the colored powder onto unintended surfaces or guests.
  • Dispose of empty canisters responsibly: Follow guidelines provided by the local municipalities for proper container recycling or disposal.

Could a Blue Gender Reveal Fire Extinguisher Leave a Stain on My Outfit?

The colored powder in Gender Reveal Blasters can stain light-colored fabrics or surfaces. It is designed to wash out easily, but temporary staining may occur. . To mitigate this, consider wearing dark or old clothing during the reveal and avoid using the blaster in areas where staining may be a concern.

When Will I Receive My Blue Gender Reveal Powder Blaster?

The delivery time for your Blue Gender Reveal Powder Blaster depends on your proximity to our warehouse in Magnolia, Texas. The closer you are to our warehouse in Magnolia, Texas, the faster your Blue Gender Reveal Powder Blaster will be delivered. Allow at least 3-7 days, for added assurance and to accommodate any potential delays.

I Love Sparklers' Baby Gender Reveal Party Supplies are simple, versatile, and visually striking. They are guaranteed to be a hit at any party.

 Get ready to celebrate—order yours online today!

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