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Gender Reveal Party Ideas for the Holidays - Here are Our Top 5

Whether you are in charge of organizing an event for a friend or you are expectant parents seeking ideas for gender reveal parties around the holiday season, we’ve got a lot of gender reveal ideas for you. And before you throw your hands in the air and ask how you can merge “pink and blue” with the season of “green and red,” don’t worry. There are many ways you can still do the traditional gender reveal colors with a holiday theme.

In fact, there are so many ways to blend gender reveal parties with holiday themes that we’ve picked five of our favorites to share!

Gender Reveal Parties at the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

When you think about it, the idea of hosting gender reveal parties at the holidays is a pretty good option because it is a time of great excitement, hope and positivity almost everywhere you go. Yes, there is all of the hustle and bustle that occurs, but imagine how much fun it will be to bring family and friends together to announce the big news AND in the midst of such a magical season. To help make it happen, we offer these five gender reveal ideas:

  • A tree – Christmas is often the time when people put up trees in their homes and offices and decorate them with themes or favorite baubles. To make your big announcement, one of the simplest holiday-themed gender reveal ideas is to use a small tree decorated with a strand of pink and a strand of blue lights. Be sure to carefully mark the cords and when it is time to make the reveal, and have someone plug in the correct strand of lights.
  • An edible holiday package – Make or hire a baker to create a cake that looks just like a holiday package all tied up in a bow. Then, just follow the usual pattern of a pink or blue cake inside that is revealed with the first slice.
  • An inedible holiday package – Lots of people make their gender reveal with a huge box opened to allow helium-filled balloons in the right color to float up and make the announcement. Simply wrap up your best Christmas gift ever and fill the jumbo box with the appropriate balloons.
  • A color swap – You can also swap out the usual pink and blue with red and green or change boy and girl to buck or doe and use a reindeer theme for the entire event. For instance, a red cake to announce a girl or green for a boy.
  • A combination party – Do you have a tree decorating get together? Maybe a cookie swap or a regular pre-holiday brunch? Whatever sort of regular event you host at the holidays, combine that theme with the reveal party. It can be one of the most creative or even zany gender reveal parties ever. Football and a baby reveal? Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer or A Christmas Story viewing party and a gender reveal…it will certainly make for an unforgettable event and holiday!

Remember, though, that all of the ideas need the right supplies.

Best Supplies for the Best Gender Reveal Ideas

At Gender Reveal Surprise, you can find everything from confetti cannons to cake sparklers to surprise balloons that will ensure your reveal – however you do it – is a total success.
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