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Enhance the Mystery at Your Gender Reveal Party with Gender Reveal Powder Cannons

Couple posing under a cloud of blue powder.

Is it a boy or a girl? One of the biggest trends in the world of baby showers and baby parties, in general, is the gender reveal. And as fast as this trend has grown, so, too, have the many creative ways that it is done. A gender reveal powder cannon (in pink or blue) is one of the latest innovations, and is a sort of hybrid of the smoke bombs and powders that so many have used in such creative ways.

Using Gender Reveal Powder

While the gender reveal powder cannon puts the BIG in any big reveal, the use of gender reveal powder, in general, has been popular for many years. For example, lots of parents use the powders inside of baseball-like sacks that a parent hits with a bat to make a sort of explosion and reveal the baby's gender.

The same can be said of the use of Holi powders for a gender reveal. During the Holi festival in India, celebrants toss many colored powders into the air and see one another covered in non-toxic hues of all kinds. The use of Holi powder for a gender reveal is done in the same way, with guests holding small sacks of the powders, and only seeing the color of the powder inside for the first time as they toss it at the expectant parents.

Harmless and safe, the use of the gender reveal powder both in a “baseball” or tossed at party goers are fun ways to do a reveal. Yet, the gender reveal powder cannon adds a level of explosive power and fun that is tough to ignore. They can do well all on their own, and the gender reveal powder cannon fired at the end of a countdown adds a whole level of excitement to the experience.

Yet, imagine the fun of a gender reveal powder cannon paired with a confetti cannon or another type of reveal, like a balloon or smoke bombs. Adding a level of intensity and suspense to the moments before the reveal, these options allow everyone to feel that moment like a great big (entirely safe) explosion that really kicks off a celebration.

Choosing Your Method

If you want to use a gender reveal powder of some kind for your big event, but you want it to be a surprise to you, it means asking a trusted friend to do the organizing. You can handle the different food and drink aspects, and all of the rest. However, discuss with them what you hope to experience with the reveal. There are so many creative ways to do a reveal with the different powder, smoke, balloon and cannon options. Whether you choose just one or you blend them for an array of effects, you should direct your party-organizing friend to a high quality supplier of gender reveal materials. Gender Reveal Surprise has all you need for the ultimate party and can help to build the mystery and suspense by offering any number of options that make that big moment even bigger than you'd imagined.

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