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How To Have A Gender Reveal During A Pandemic

Planning your Gender Reveal party has been something you have been doing since you found out you were expecting your little one. You have the theme picked out and products you want to use but then a pandemic hits and you can no longer host your Gender Reveal Party. Well, we have some really fun ideas we think you and your loved ones would enjoy to still bring excitement and fun to your Gender Reveal:

Send/Mail The Product

One fun way of having a surprise gender reveal during this pandemic is to send/mail the product that you choose for your reveal to your family and loved ones. Our products are generically marked so they will not be able to tell the color until the product is used, just make sure when checking out on the website you put in the notes that you do not want the color information card. From 36” balloons, to sports balls, to any of our cannons… it will be the best surprise to whoever you send it to revealing the gender of your soon to be baby boy or girl.  

Image on young individual stacking cardboard boxes for shipping.


In our world today, technology is HUGE and used for almost everything! Another exciting way to reveal your sweet baby to be’s gender is by video! It could be FaceTime, Facebook live, or just a meaningful homemade video you can text or email to all of your family and friends. Our powder cannons and confetti cannons shoot about 15-20 feet into the air, so imagine the surprise and enthusiasm they would bring to your Gender Reveal.

 Social Media Photo Announcement 

We all know social media is the biggest hype and most effective way to communicate with friends and family near and far. If you want to create a striking and dramatic photo, our smoke bombs will give you that beautiful effect. Just light our 4-inch canister and it will put off blue or pink smoke for about a minute and half giving you plenty of time to capture that perfect photo! Then, once you choose your photo you want to use, post it on all of your social media accounts announcing your baby’s gender for all to see!

Couple posing with pink smoke to reveal the gender of their baby.

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