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Gender Reveal Sports Balls will WIN you the Championship at your Gender Reveal Party

Home Run! Slam Dunk! Hole in One! Goooooooooooal! Use our Gender Reveal Sports Balls and be the real MVP! Our NEW Gender Reveal Sports Balls will be the most legendary celebration at any sports themed Gender Reveal Party. 


Our Gender Reveal Baseballs come with one pink or blue baseball filled with vibrant non-toxic colored powder. When the ball is hit for a home run or the pitcher throws a fastball against a wall, it creates a cloud of powder smoke. These gender reveal balls have been hit by children as young as 3. They will bounce and not bust if missed on grass, but they will break when missed over concrete. We suggest using a metal or wooden bat for your surprise HOME RUN.
Individual hitting a pink smoke filled baseball to announce them having a baby girl


Our Gender Reveal Basketballs comes with one pre-filled non toxic colored powder ball. When the ball is dunked or thrown at the back board it creates a burst of powder smoke. If missed when shooting, the ball will break when it falls on the concrete.
Individual slam dunking a pink smoke filled basketball, announcing having a baby girl.


Our Gender Reveal Golf Ball Kit comes with two pre-filled golf balls. One ball is filled with vibrant non-toxic blue colored powder and the other is filled with pink powder. When the kit arrives, the balls will come with a pink or blue sticker on them, you will then pick which ball you need. When ready to reveal the gender place the golf ball on the provided golf tee and get ready to swing! We suggest using a driver for the best golf ball gender reveal. 
Individual hitting a blue smoke filled golf ball, announcing them having a baby boy


Our Gender Reveal Soccer Ball comes with one pre-filled non toxic colored powder ball. When the ball is kicked for a goal it creates a blast of powder smoke. These balls have been kicked by children as young as 5 or 6. We suggest using shoes or cleats that can get dirty.
Individual kicking a blue smoke filled soccer ball, to celebrate having a baby boy.


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