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Gender Reveal Parties Are The Hottest Trend These Days

As expectant parents, you may choose to ask what gender your baby is going to be, or you may wish to be surprised when the baby arrives. Once you decide whether you want to know the gender of your baby right away, you might decide to do it with a bit of fun and flare. Gender reveal parties are the hottest trend these days where parents can learn the gender of their baby at the same time as family and friends.

Are You Ready for the Enthusiasm the Gender Reveal Confetti Cannons Bring?

The great thing about confetti cannons is that they create a lot of energy and excitement. The anticipation builds as people hold these little cannons in their hands, knowing that the gender of your baby will be revealed in that moment. While there are many ways to reveal the gender of your baby, these cannons help to ramp up the level of exhilaration and allow your guests to share of the joy you and your significant other are feeling, all at one time.

Couple posing covered with blue confetti to announce having a baby boy while surrounded by friends and family.


Gender Reveal Powder Cannons Are Super Entertaining and Joyous for Everyone

You could just serve a gender reveal cake, but clarity would keep everyone from sharing in the excitement and surprise. Our Gender Reveal Powder Cannons shoot a cloud of powder up to 15 feet in the air, so even if there are not enough for everyone at your party, all your guests can share in the elation at the same time you do. The cannons are about 16 inches long and 2 inches or and they hold a good amount of powder. They contain compressed air and take only a simple twist at the bottom to set them off. Our Gender Reveal Powder cannons contain non-toxic rice powder, so it's completely safe for the expecting mom and baby to be.
Envision your chosen circle all taking part in your exciting news. There is little that can feel more special than having so many people that you love participating in one of the most heartwarming events in your life. Our Gender Reveal powder cannons can make your loved ones feel more connected to you and build up the anticipation of welcoming this new family member into the world.
Couple posing for a picture while shooting pink smoke to announce having a baby girl.
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