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How To Have the Best Confetti Cannon Gender Reveal

Welcoming a new baby into your life is a precious and exciting time. You want to share the joy and thrill of this life changing experience with those who are dear to you. A Gender Reveal Party with Confetti Cannons is the perfect way to both celebrate with a blast and include those you love in the experience. A party to celebrate the reveal of your baby’s gender is a fun and emotional event for everyone. Not only are you sharing the news of your new family member to be with those you love, you can also take part in the mystery of the big gender reveal by finding out the gender of your baby at the party.


Couple celebrating the gender of their baby with family and friends, by shooting blue confetti.

Confetti Cannons Help Include Family In The Reveal

This Gender Reveal Party will be an occasion to not only celebrate the new little one on the way but also to share in the thrill of your best friends who are becoming honorary aunts and uncles and newly anointed grandparents. This memorable event can include everyone in the surprise reveal by letting your guests each hold a Confetti Cannon to shoot the colored confetti into the sky.  Your guests will love taking part in the event and revealing the secret of the baby’s sex. The confetti will explode out of the cannon and gentle flutter down around all of you, creating a magical and joyous moment.
Family and friends shooting confetti cannons exposing pink confetti in celebration of the couple having a girl.

Your Step By Step Idea For Your Confetti Cannon Gender Reveal

So, pick out the perfect location and get those invitations in the mail. Call up the ideal photographer for your Gender Reveal Party with confetti cannons and start working your way through all the recipes for the delicious treats you want to have at your party. Before you know it, the day will be upon you and you will be surrounded by those who love you. The scene will be set, the guests will be gathered around and you will be on pins and needles with excitement as the moment approaches. All that you have imagined will be happening, and you will be the star of this moment as you discover the gender of your little one to be. Confetti Cannons will be held high as everyone lines up around you to capture the breathtaking moment in time. The photographer gives you the green light and your countdown begins. The minute you have been waiting for is here. Your excitement can only be compared to the amount of joy that is within you as you count, three, two, one…!!!


Family and friends shooting confetti cannons exposing blue confetti. Celebrating the couple having a boy.
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