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Top 5 Summer Gender Reveal Party Ideas

Here's why summer is the perfect time to host a gender reveal party.

The weather is nice, the sky is blue, and depending on where you live, there probably isn't a cloud in the sky. When it comes to finding great summer gender reveal party ideas, there are plenty of choices. Here are our top 5 ideas to help make your gender reveal party the one everyone will be talking about until next season!

1. Gender Reveal Confetti Cannons

One of our most popular summer gender reveal party ideas is the gender reveal cannon. Our Gender Reveal Confetti Cannons shoot confetti up to 20 feet in the air and come in two different lengths, 12-inch and 18-inch. All you have to do is twist the bottom of the cannon and wait for the pop and a shower of either pink or blue confetti! The confetti used in our cannons is completely biodegradable and safe for indoor or outdoor use. Be sure you aim them straight up in the air for everyone's safety.

2. Freeze Your Surprise with Popsicles

Another fun summer gender reveal idea is to cool your guests off with a sweet  pink or blue frozen treat. You can make your own colored popsicles using food coloring or buy your choice of pink or blue popsicles from your local grocery store. You can either have pink or blue popsicles for your guests as treat throughout the party OR you can bring them out in your baby's gender color immediately after your reveal to celebrate the surprise! 

3. Pop a Gender Reveal Balloon

Using balloons is one of the most popular gender reveal ideas this summer, and our surprise gender reveal balloons are the perfect choice. The idea here is really simple. Our balloons come in black and are filled with either blue or pink confetti with silver mylar for that extra sparkle in your photos. Tie a fun ribbon or streamer to the balloon, hold it in one hand and pop with a thumbtack or pin. When the balloon pops, confetti goes everywhere and the gender of your baby will be revealed. What a fun way for everyone to find out the gender of your baby!

4. Get Silly with Your Gender Reveal 

Silly string comes in an incredible array of colors and is perfectly safe for indoor or outdoor use at your summer gender reveal party. Buy either pink or blue silly string in cans and then cover the outside of them with paper taped in place. Give one to each of your guests and on the count of 3 have them start squirting the string at each other. Your baby's gender will be revealed by the color of silly string coating everyone in the room. This is one of the messier original gender reveal ideas, so you may want to consider biodegradable gender reveal confetti cannons or powder cannons instead for much easier clean-up.

5. Smash the Gender Reveal Pinata

Fill a pinata with either pink or blue confetti. Give each guest a chance to swing at it blindfolded. Each guest gets one swing before the bat is passed on to the next one. By the time enough people have swung at it, the confetti should be flowing out of it, revealing the gender of your baby to the rest of your guests.


For more ideas on how to make your gender reveal party a hit, be sure to visit Gender Reveal Surprise. We carry a selection of gender reveal confetti cannons, powder cannons, and surprise balloons for you to choose from. 

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