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A Gender Reveal Story - Baby Harvey

Collage of Baby Harvey gender reveal party
Michelle and Erik’s gender reveal party was definitely one for the books! Michelle planned a big gender reveal party for all her friends and family! They had 60 of their friends and family come to help her celebrate and be there for her big reveal! She also live streamed it on Facebook so her friends and family that couldn’t physically be there with them could still be a part of the fun! I love that idea! When I had       my gender reveal party we had close friends and family that didn’t lived states away and couldn’t make it. They were just as bummed about it as we were, and I wish I would have been able to live stream it with them! As it was we FaceTimed in my sister! So, when it got close to time for the big reveal, Michelle set up a tripod        to hold her phone so everyone could be there with her and Erik. Michelle and Erik set out pink and blue necklaces for their guests to wear, to show if their guess        if they thought the baby was boy or girl. Although many came dressed in pink or blue already!
gender reveal prop table
Michelle and Erik purchased whopping 56 confetti cannons! They wanted a HUGE confetti cloud to announce to everyone if their sweet baby to be was a little miss or mister! I love how they had enough cannons for everyone to be included. As everyone was getting ready Michelle warned everyone not to twist until their count down began. Our confetti cannons are very easy to use! All you have to do is hold the cannon with both hands, point the cannon towards and sky, twist the bottom of the canister and BOOM! You will be showered in a cloud of pink or blue confetti. In Michelle and Erik’s case they were showered in the biggest blue confetti cloud I have ever seen! They had 54 confetti cannons go off at the same time. I don’t think I have ever seen so much blue confetti in my life! Luckily for Michelle our confetti cannons are biodegradable making clean up a breeze!
collage of couple posing with friends and family outside with blue confetti everywhere.
One big question we get asked frequently is how do we know what color confetti   is inside the cannon and how can we hide this from everyone until the reveal?        Our confetti cannons are discreetly marked with a black number indicating the  color inside the cannon. So, your secret is safe with us until those confetti cannons      are popped!
Couple posing outside in front of a wooden fence.
Congratulations Michelle and Erik on your sweet baby boy and throwing an unforgettable gender reveal party! Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your special day in this small way! If you used confetti cannons for you gender reveal party we would love to see! Tag us on Facebook or Instagram
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