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Pink Gender Reveal Surprise Balloon "He or She Pop To See!"

Product image 2Pink and silver confetti that bursts out of our gender reveal surprise balloon when it is popped
Product image 3

Regular price $8.00

While everyone wants to be unique and have their gender reveal stand out, sometimes it is best to keep it simple. We offer a gender balloon that is prefilled with confetti so all you have to worry about is finding a sharp enough object to pop it when the time is right. Celebrate under a shower of pink confetti with this giant 36-inch gender reveal balloon. This jumbo black balloon holds a cup of pink and silver confetti. The balloon is already filled with confetti so all you have to do is fill the balloon with Helium and get ready to pop!

We recommend having the balloon tied down, instead of holding it. This can limit the chances of the balloon floating away before it gets popped.

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