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Gender Reveal Powder Cannon Roulette Kit

Product image 1Gender Reveal Roulette Kit
Product image 2Gender Reveal Powder Cannon Roulette Kit
Product image 3Gender Reveal Powder Cannon Roulette Kit
Product image 4Gender Reveal Powder Cannon Roulette Kit
Product image 5Gender Reveal Powder Cannon Roulette Kit

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If you want everyone to be involved in your Gender Reveal or just want to add some extra fun, get a Gender Reveal Roulette Kit!! We have put together a Gender Reveal Powder Cannon roulette game. Each kit includes 6 gender reveal roulette cannons (2 pink or blue powder cannons and 4 white powder cannons) that are each numbered, along with dice and instructions. 

This Gender Reveal Roulette game can be played in many ways. Here are a few ways that we have seen work the best. 

How To Play:

Pass out the six cannons to all your chosen participants. Choose someone to roll the dice. The number that is rolled (1 to 6 ) will determine which numbered cannons is shoot first. Continue rolling the dice and shooting cannons until the gender is revealed.

Variation 1: 

Have expectant parents roll the dice and family or friends shoot the cannons off behind them. 

Variation 2: 

Have expectant parents take turns rolling the dice and shooting the cannons. 

Our Gender Reveal Roulette poppers are easy to use, and they shoot non-toxic, water-soluble powder up to 15 feet in the air. A cloud of powder fills the air when they are popped, and the 12-inch canisters are easy to use. They’re only 2 inches in diameter and can be held with one hand while you use the other hand to simply twist the bottom. For safety and best results, be sure and aim straight up when popping them. The powder cannons are made with compressed air and have no combustible materials. These pink powder cannons are for outdoor use only. Make your gender reveal party the one they talk about for months with this Gender Reveal Roulette Kit!

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