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10 Inch Gold Wire Sparklers

Product image 110 Inch Gold Wire Sparklers
Product image 2Birthday cake with beautiful 10 inch sparklers burning gold sparks

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Celebrate the moment with 10-inch gold sparklers from Gender Reveal Surprise. Convenient for quick celebrations, budget parties, as sparklers for cakes, and more, these gold sparklers will help you light up the party. The 10-inch gold wire sparklers last about 45 seconds each. These sparklers are safe to be hand-held like other sparklers that would be used at a wedding or another party event. We recommend using these gold sparklers outside during your gender reveal or other events.

All of your guests will love watching the sparks fly, or be a part of the sparkling celebration. These gold wire sparklers can come in a bulk order of 12 boxes with 6 sparklers in each box, totaling 72 wire sparklers. Pick up this essential party accessory today!

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