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Pink Handheld Gender Reveal Smoke Bomb

Product image 1Pink Handheld Gender Reveal Smoke Bomb
Product image 2Pink Handheld Gender Reveal Smoke Bomb
Product image 3Pink Handheld Gender Reveal Smoke Bomb

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Fill the sky with pink smoke to announce your little sweetheart joining your family! This will create a gender reveal announcement that will add a wonderful moment to your event. 

We decided to design a new type of smoke bomb that would make it better and easier to use then the standard style smoke bombs on the market. Standard style smoke bombs are NOT meant to be held in hand and will get burning hot. They need to be placed on the ground and lite with a lighter.

This new designed item can be held in your hand and does not get hot, you will also no longer need a lighter to get it started. All you have to do is pull the metal ring on top of the smoke bomb and it will start smoking.

These smoke bombs last 60 seconds long and put of a bright pink smoke to fill of your gender reveal pictures that you will remember for years to come. 

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