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Comparing Different Gender Reveal Ideas: Gender Reveal Powder Cannons vs. Gender Reveal Confetti Cannons vs. Gender Reveal Smoke Bombs

If you’ve been looking forward to the moment when you finally learn if you’re expecting a boy or a girl, you are not alone. Most expectant parents find this moment to be the most thrilling part of pregnancy, and can’t wait to start spreading the news. But before you just hop on Facebook and let the world know, why not plan something a little more special? A gender reveal party with cool “reveal products” (like color smoke bombs or gender reveal cannons) could be just what you need to tell your special news in style. Here are a few options for parents that want to have some fun!

Gender Reveal Cannons Shower You in Excitement

There are two ways to use gender reveal cannons that can make for a great party. The first way is that the parents will shower their friends and family with the news by releasing the cannons themselves. The second is that a trusted family member or friend will surprise the new parents with a cannon shower, which is a great way to reveal the gender to the expectant couple.

There are two types of gender reveal cannons out there – one that shoots powder, and one that shoots confetti. Either is a great option, but consider how easy powder or confetti may be to clean up in your party area.

No Gender Reveal Party Is Complete without Smoke Bombs

If you love the idea of having a dramatic gender reveal photo shoot, you’ll love gender reveal smoke bombs. Get together with your loved one in a field or an open area, then let the smoke bomb surround you with evidence of what you are expecting. This will be a cool picture you can cherish forever, and it’s also a great way to give your gender reveal party a little ambiance!

These aren’t quite as exciting as the cannon, simply because they don’t make noise and result in a rain of confetti – but they can be used for more creative photography and themes. For example, if your gender reveal party is themed around fantasy creatures like unicorns or dragons, the smoke bomb will definitely add to the mystical feeling.

Other Gender Reveal Ideas

There are several other ideas for revealing gender that we offer. Check out poppable balloons filled with pink or blue confetti, for example. If you want some DIY ideas, consider piñatas filled with glitter, or a cake that has pink or blue on the inside.

Above all, use the gender reveal cannons or other products that make you happiest, and have fun! Whether you want drama, a cool photo, or just a fun moment, this is a memory you’ll cherish forever.

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