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Add a Bang to Your Gender Reveal Party with our Gender Reveal Cannons

Decisions, decisions…life is always full of choices and many of them are a lot of fun. Chocolate or vanilla? Star Wars or Star Trek? Lake or ocean? See how much fun decisions can be? And when you are “expecting” and organizing a gender reveal party, you also have tons of fun decisions and choices to make. One of the coolest decisions to be made will be about the precise method you use to make that big announcement. Among the hottest and most exciting ways of doing it is using a “cannon.” Before you shake your head in confusion, wondering why a massive cannon would be used, know that we mean expectant parents are choosing a:

  • Gender reveal powder cannon (in pink or blue), or
  • Gender reveal confetti cannon (in pink or blue)

Available in sizes of 12” or 18” and in pink or blue, these cannons are safe, easy to use and allow you to let friends and family know about the baby on the way, but in the most colorful and exciting manner imaginable.

How to Use a Gender Reveal Powder Cannon

Whether you opt for a gender reveal confetti cannon or a gender reveal powder cannon, you can probably already imagine that they are the easiest things to use. They are designed to just be triggered with a simple turn, twist or pull. Where the big question of “how” to use a gender reveal confetti cannon or gender reveal powder cannon comes into the equation is at the party or event when you make the announcement.

You can get pretty creative with this and opt to include just the guests, the parents alone, or the entire group (parents and guests). Some people have a bit of fun by standing the expectant parents in front of the crowd and asking the parents to launch their gender reveal powder cannon towards one another. Naturally, they’ll stand far enough apart to be comfortable and safe, but it lets the two parents see one another at the moment they both realize the gender of the baby.

Yet, there is a lot to be said for the excitement that can build up when an entire group is able to help with the announcement and be in on the action. The gender reveal confetti cannons are great for this, and also make for amazing videos and photos.

Gender Reveal Confetti Cannon or Powder?

Whichever option you choose is entirely up to you, and you can even do a combination of them all. You might also add extras like oversized boxes that launch balloons in the right colors or that read boy or girl. And because so many couples opt to make it a surprise for themselves, they’ll want to provide their party planners with resources for cannons and other must have items. Gender Reveal Surprise makes a whole line of gender reveal products available, including confetti cannons, smoke and powder products, sparklers, balloons and more!

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